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Kunal Sah SEO Great Strategy Timeline 2020

Hi, I’m Kunal,

I’m an SEO Specialist & Content Writer with little knowledge about the world and loves to consume knowledge about marketing tactics. I am on this stream since 2018 during college and gained a better knowledge of SEO and provides high-quality service to companies.

You can get a complete search engine optimization package when you hire me. I can also help your website to rank on top pages of search engine organically using search engine optimization.

I currently work on the company as a search engine specialist.

Search Engine Optimizations:

  • -On-Page SEO
  • -Off-Page SEO
  • -Technical SEO
  • -Keywords Research
  • -SEO audit
  • -Website Structure and Architecture Optimization
  • -Competitor Analysis and Ranking
  • -Optimized Content Strategy
  • -Regular Optimization


I can help your website to rank on targeted keywords at top of google search result organically using search engine optimization. I will start with understanding your business goal requirement, audit the current rankings, and analyze how I can fill in to improve the current status.

After that keywords research and its SERP ranking, competitor analysis, checking website statistics research, Alexa ranking, and presence in the google search. Checking of canonical tags, URL.

Once the fundamental steps of the search engine optimization process are done, I will prepare a report. It incorporates the steps that have been taken, the changes that are seen along with past status, and current rankings.

After this, I will start the On-page SEO by checking the meta title, meta description, alt text in the image, internal linking prospect and implementation, anchor text optimization as per keywords and hyperlinked page, sitemap check, and submission, robot.txt check, structured text check, and optimization.

Now after On-page SEO, I will start the off-page SEO by creating Google My Business account, social media profiles, bookmarking, web 2.0, local listing, guest blogging, infographics generation, review sites, and Local SEO if needed.

This is my strategy for working with my clients and companies. Working on SEO there will be several processes and stages of improvement.

First Month Of Search Engine Optimization:

The first month will be focused on to improve previous strategies applied for SEO. If there have not been any efforts taken for SEO then a new optimization process will start.

The first phase is concerned with consolidating the current stats of the website and optimizing it to fit the needs of the search algorithm.

The process starts with a strategy with a certain objective. The important keywords are recognized and the website content, as well as blog, are prepared with the intent of targeting those important keywords.

Setup is done to facilitate tracking of the audience data and all tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google MyBusiness.

You need to remember, SEO is a long process and higher ranking or exponential traffic overnight is not possible.

Three Month Of Search Engine Optimization:

Within the three months of the start, the website and every content will be optimized for the fastest load time and maximum intent target. This will result in a clean website, integrated with your brand values. All negative back drag to the performance of the website both technical and content-wise is removed.

The technical SEO is started full scale with optimization of metadata, scheduled content, and the rankings are further enhanced by implementing local SEO.

A fixed schedule for the blog is set up with appropriate content being published as per the need to rank and provide value.

3-6 Months Of Search Engine Optimization:

Once you are 3 months into your SEO process, noticeable changes in ranking and traffic will appear.

You will get ranked on the first page for multiple keywords, above your competitors. And this also means more people will start visiting your website with an increase in leads and possible customers.

Similarly, by this time you will have substantial audience data for a thorough analysis of patterns and behaviors. This helps you optimize your efforts even more. Furthermore, with enough data, the possibilities for email marketing also opens.

1 Year Of Search Engine Optimization:

By the end of a year from the start of the SEO process, there will be a complete rebranding of the website.

Your offsite presence is also increased with the help of paid Ads and social media platforms. And, as the shift is necessary for the type of content that is created, in accordance with your brand.

So, you decided that you need to invest in search engine optimization and that you are mobilizing your resources to optimize the website for search engines. But you may be bothered that you are not seeing the exponential growth or high ranking overnight. Well, you need to understand that such claims of swift ranking or instant traffic are all talks and require a lot of action.

However, I have prepared a timeline of what you should expect if you have invested in SEO.

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